On being nice

I took notes for this post on one of the airplanes, and as I sit here in Singapore outside, watching Maritza swim in a tropical rainstorm, I’m forgetting my grumpy thoughts. We arrived finally here at our first stop in SouthEast Asia, Singapore.  We’re staying with friends of my sister who have a pool and fed us curry.

I should restate.  I didn’t have grumpy thoughts, but I did observe people who were nice and several who were not nice. As we began our trip on standby, agents didn’t seem to find it necessary to be nice or kind. At one point there was even some eye-rolling while helping us “non-rev’s”.  It was comforting to walk into a restaurant in the Seattle airport where two very kind wait staff set us up with a table next to a fireplace and told us to take our time. The kindness was starkly different from our morning.


Standby ended up to not work out for us on this trip. I ended up buying tickets through New York and Abu Dhabi. I was excited to spend some time in Abu Dhabi, and posted on Facebook for advice. Word rather quickly spread through Facebook, and I was set up with options.  More kindness! Although this kindness is very common among wantoks, it never fails to surprise me. Unfortunately, I read the tickets wrong, and we only had two hours in Abu Dhabi instead of sixteen.  Ah well, next time. The airport was beautiful!

Two of my oldest and bestest friends went far out of their way to spend time with us…one in Seattle and one in New York. Kindness in a super fantastic way.

I’m not sure I did a great job practicing kindness.  I think I got better as I got more tired. I focused more on being nice to people around me. Is it really harder to do this as a mom? Maybe I assume that Maritza knows I am happy to be doing this trip with her, but I think I need to remember that she needs to be told. I can see her reacting to my unkind tendency to be bossy instead guiding. When she knows that her outgoing unashamed friendly personality makes my experiences so much richer and joyful, we get along just fine. However, when I unkindly ruin her joyful outbursts and hip hop dances in the security lines by instructing her in the proper way, we just don’t get along fine. She feels bad. I feel bad. And no one smiles.

These are good lessons to learn at the beginning of this trip!

Now, I shall take time to enjoy the tropical rainstorm and doing schoolwork outside in the rain with breaks for swimming.



Still beginning

The beginning of our adventure (backpacking around SE Asia) has taken us so far to Saint Paul, MN. We tried to get on a flight yesterday as we’re flying standby.


We were all bright eyed and bushy tailed. However, even though we knew that we may not get on a flight, our hearts dropped a little when the flight took off without us. We bought ourselves a cup of coffee and iced green tea.

Maritza had made herself her first nest. She is really quite good at making nests.  This was the first nest of this trip.  Even though we didn’t get on the flight, I had to document the first nest.


So, we headed back to my sister’s house. We kept busy. Finishing up some planning and preparing.  It was good to have an extra day.  Tuesday morning though the flights looked terrible.  We were #20 and #21 with only 5 seats open.  We didn’t even go to the airport.

However, we did go to the Como Conservatory and Zoo.  It was warm and kept us busy.


So, we managed to enjoy ourselves. I must say it is a good beginning to our adventure.  Even though we haven’t left the snowy winter, we’re still exploring and discovering.


It is good to have a daughter who stays upbeat and positive. She misses home, but a phone call this afternoon was comforting. She looks forward to Skyping with our neighbors, cousin, Uncle, Mormor, and Papa.

P.S. I didn’t finish this when I wrote the other day, so I’ll add a little note. Today is Thursday, Day 4 of our adventure.  We tried to get on a flight yesterday again, but no luck. We had another coffee, but this time with frozen yogurt

Today we stayed home and worked on school for the first time. Maritza and I did well.  I was patient, and Maritza was persistent.  I think we’ll do just fine. We learned about animals of SE Asia and how to say “thank you” in Malaysian, “Terima Kasih”. I must say we’re more than ready!

We’ll try to get from Minneapolis to Narita, Japan once more tomorrow morning. If not, I think we’ll try to go to Detroit and then Shanghai, China. We can buy fairly reasonable tickets to Singapore from there.  I appreciate being able to fly at a cheaper rate, but I’m also appreciating the ease of confirmed seats. Of course, we might both be loving standby as we sit in an airplane in first class for 10 hours. Stay tuned!